About myself

Age: 19

Gender: M

Country: Britain

Occupation: Undergraduate student of Psychology.

Hobbies: Guitar, reading, cooking, watching films, charity work and going to the gym.

Main Academic interests: Clinical psychology, Astrophysics, Contemporary politics, Music theory and Western history/philosophy.

Role models: Martin L., Kurt Cobain, my parents, my brothers, Jesus and anyone who dares speak out in a homogeneous society.

Religious views: Unconventional Christian.

Main reason for starting this blog: Finding life difficult.

Other information: I have depression, sleep difficulties, anxiety, like to write music, love to read but not usually fiction although tom sawyer is my favorite book of that type, I am not racist, homophobic and try not to overtly react to entire groups based on a few actions. I view any form of subversion to current political systems as positive, as long as it is passive, because they are all awful in my opinion. Finally I find it very hard to get along with others as they usually perceive my introvert mannerisms as antisocial and narcissistic. 

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