Freedom, liberty, Religion and Politics.

Now let’s be honest. In all the human endeavours that constitute our anthropological history, religion is the worst. Looking at wars, suffering, genocide, oppression, persecution, rape, paedophilia – looking at all these things, any normal human would NOT condone them. They are horrific. I’m not saying this out of a socio-cultural standing that forbids me from expressing the converse. I am saying it as a human being. I hold a lot of viewpoints and express them which, as of contemporary logic and law, are completely against the norm. But my moral logic is innate. It is based on evolution and wellbeing. Raping children is wrong. Raping women is wrong. Persecuting ANYONE who holds an ideological or physical position which does not affect you or others negatively is WRONG. This means persecuting gay people. Persecuting people of faith or no faith. Persecuting genders or age groups. ALL WRONG.

My ancestors died en mass. My recent relatives died en mass. All died to prevent contemporary evil from reigning. Whether it be the fascistic Germans or the barbaric Vikings. These people died, often painfully, to protect future generations. Against the same kind of persecution and control that they experienced themselves. Whether it be their own governmental bodies, or foreign ones.

I am not arguing in favour of any political system or ideology. In fact, capitalism, in my opinion, is a disgusting way to run a country. It allows the worst people in society to take over. Capitalise on others desperation. Force them down, further and further until, when they have nothing left to lose, they fight back in unlawful ways. But I am arguing for people to have the right to argue opposition and support whatever political system they want. Whatever religion or secularist belief they adhere to. Whatever economic system that works for them. I support a government that is no longer polarised. That no longer forces the people to fall in line with the core ideology.

If you are part of the labour party, you must be in favour of X and Y. If conservative, it must be Z and A. This is no way to run a country effectively. This is no way to honour the people who died to conserve the freedoms and liberty of those who want equality and justice for all.

Our government. Our PEOPLE need to start realising there are hundreds of ideologies present in society. Held consistently by people who believe it is the right thing to do. A society should have a government which represents as many of these people as possible simultaneously. Which doesn’t persecute people of their own party for holding opposite viewpoints. Which does NOT set a president for corporate finance backing and ideological persuasion to boot.

We need to start helping people as much as possible. Helping people will NEVER negatively affect others. We need to stop treating corporations as legal beings and start treating them for what they are. A group of people looking out for their financers at the expense of the general public. Hold them accountable for their mistakes by prosecuting those who MADE the decisions. Stop pussy-footing around the issues by pretending accountability is diminished by some fake wall. (

We need to impose laws which prevent religion from hating. This is all religion brings to the table. Hate, hate and more hate. Hate against gay people Hate against little girls, which Islam allows as fair game. Hate against non-believers. Hate against secularists, even of the same faith. Hate against different sects of the religion. Hate against sex and love outside marriage. Hating people for who they intrinsically are is WRONG. WRONG WRONG WRONG. We are HUMANS. We LOVE fucking other people consensually. We love charity and the feelings associated with loving everyone. We hate injustice. We hate people born into inequality.

Religion loves this. Religion loves people being born into Islam or Christianity. How else would they condition people to hate/be hated? Join me in stopping this disgusting injustice against humanity. Please stand up for what is right. Stand up for people, not for the evil ideologies that persecute people. Created by the worst in Society. Stand up, I beg of you. Religious people need to be tolerated under law. Under the same laws, they must tolerate other people. They cannot preach hatred against people for who they are while demanding political sensitivity and immunity in the same speech.

Whether your morality is defined by relativism or religion, this much is TRUE. We are all accountable for our actions. We are all accountable for the consequences of our actions. We should all be held accountable for these consequences. This is where protection of religion and corporate business fails. This is where we must fight.

Thankyou. This is a serious issue. Please stand up and fight for what is right.

If your concern stops short, think of this. One of your young relatives most likely died for you. Imagine his/her pain and suffering. Imagine the feeling that you are going to die at the age of 25. Imagine looking down at the seeping blood from an unidentified bullet wound. Not experiencing enough love or life to justify your existence. Not contributing to society or others happiness. Not feeling your life meant anything to anyone.

Well it did. I would happily die in the same way if it did lead to a positive societal outcome. These people hoped it would. Please don’t let them down. It breaks the fabric of morality to go against the freedoms and liberties they fought for. Please do not.

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