Middle fingers, God & breaking bubbles…REALLY???

This is extremely thought provoking, it eloquently describes the madness of our own preconceptions and “veracious” ideologies.

Culture Monk

polar plunge 2

by Kenneth Justice

So what do you think of my library” asked the Lutheran pastor

“Well, I think your library is too slanted in favor of Lutheranism” his friend responded  

~ Many people live in bubbles. If there is anything I’ve come to believe with more voraciousness than anything else in life it’s the simple observation that all across the Western World men and women tend to be totally wrapped up and consumed with the little bubbles they live in.

I’m not sure whether it’s in our DNA, because of our parents, societal influences, or a combination of many different factors; but the reality that we face is many people live in a bubble. They never question their beliefs or assumptions and they cling to those beliefs with iron fisted hands.

A while back I had coffee with a friend of mine, he’s a retired pastor and…

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