The disadvantages of being a white, male westerner

– receiving 63% longer prison sentences than females for the same crimes

– Receiving at least 40% of the overall domestic abuse in relationships but not having access to any ‘shelters’

– Not only having a culture which heavily dissuades reporting male abuse but also has a fraction the success of a conviction compared with women, 

– Being automatically arrested and assumed to have done wrong if a female accuses us of sexual or physical abuse. Being the recipient of these false accusations is likely to be far more common than any estimate as the burden lies on the man to disprove the woman, not the other way round. Women will rarely, if ever, be prosecuted for false accusation yet men are often prosecuted falsely due to those accusations.

– White males are 36x more likely to be targeted by black criminal violence than the other way round.

– being between 5 and 6 times less likely to win their own children during a custody battle

– Almost universally being forced to pay alimony/spousal support allowances after a divorce

– Having no rights over the decisions of pregnant women (e.g. over abortion, keeping the baby, adoption) but regardless are forced to accept any decision and, if the child is kept, pay for both child support and, in a lot of cases, ‘palimony’

– being the sole target of hate crime laws despite minorities being many times more likely to target white people


There are a lot more but I am tired.

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