The rape scream

I have been following Cannes film festival since it started this year. Some of my favourite films of all time have premiered here and I see it as a bastion against mainstream, hyped nonsense. So I caught onto a story yesterday: Jennifer Lawrence made a joke. So excited was she to meet Cuarón, she made a rather risqué joke in front of many dinner guests. ‘I broke out my rape scream for you!… AAAH!’

Holy crap. Doesn’t she know rape is a REAL THING??! Doesn’t she know it is COMPLETELY out of limits for JOKING??!! This is the consensus amongst some people, with the majority finding it rather innocuous and harmless. Surprise surprise, much of her criticism comes from females. Despite rape being as big a problem, if not bigger, for males. But let’s ignore this glaring hypocrisy, you can interpret it yourself.

Let’s look at the facts. How many people are going to look at her joke and say ‘rape isn’t serious anymore’? None. How many people are going to look at her comment and say ‘I am going to rape the next guy/girl I meet’? None. How many people are going to even process this joke in a way remotely linked to an act of brutal rape? None.

Pretending our minds work in a way that intricately links everything and is, as a result, influenced by such jokes is pathetic. I don’t understand how people can use outrage as a form of reasoning and paint it as activism. You are hurting your cause by doing this. But that’s fine, I don’t have a problem with that. Your cause, whatever little fad name is used for it, is not worth protecting. It has nothing to do with the real issues faced by people. Faced by rape victims and potential victims.

The next time you inadvertently listen to a rap song and hear the word ‘nigger’ ask yourself this. Are black people insensitive of their own past suffering? Or are they trying to take some power back from the snarky little shits painting themselves as the protectors of society.

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