Cogent elocution; the downfall of Gun toters

This subject beholds a myriad of arguments, opinions; tragedy and activism. A bi-polar, bi-racial issue; represented equally in almost any linear dissection of American society. A set of issues spiralling, entwined in free-fall. Influenced not with the language of politics or politicians, whose universal responsibility to majority shareholders renders action impervious.

The rights of man. The aspirations of evil thwarted by good men with positive intentions. Born free, live free and die free. Myths perpetuated by lies created by the broken minded.

-“They can certainly be corrected by good men with rifles”

Let us first not digress the nature of this belief. You are putting a cold, emptiness into the flesh of another human being. Tearing the veins that carry their life blood, rupturing the organs that sustain them. There was not a day in history when it was not understood.

There is no such thing as a heroism devoid of emotion. Of pain. The vision of a street lined with clad men, bathed in white light, Children coercing them for just one more look down the sights; A utopia but for one wretch is never attainable. All societies are dystopian in nature. As long as people constitute a society, they will be nothing but.

What do you do when your son keeps kicking your seat on the way to Disneyland? Your blood. Dependent on your work and skills. One mealtime away from escaping through the catflap and throwing stones at next door.  What do you do?

What about if he starts screaming too. Kicking and screaming. Kicking and screaming. Red faced, perturbed by the moral disconnect between your struggles and his pleasure. Grateful as a recipient to what he receives only. He escalates, this time a half-filled soda hurtles into the windscreen. He’s kicking and screaming and now… well now he is throwing things. Larger things. What do you do? Pull over to validate his behaviour with a McDonald’s toy? Enforce his actions? Treat a gangrenous leg with moisturiser and a tan? Wind the window down and let the laws of physics and human nature take their course?

I don’t know what you would do. I am, in all respects, closer to knowing what you would do through my observance than what I would decide. But I am one person. My thoughts and opinions and actions are one. Maybe 10 of me could make a decision. Maybe 20, 30, 50. Maybe 100 would make a reasonable decision. Maybe a 1000 would get it right, if exists such a term in our flawed predisposition.

Guns and America. It would be funny if it wasn’t so tragic.

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